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What to Put in Your Newborn Baby Gift Hamper

When it comes to newborn baby gift hampers, you can never go wrong as they make a great gift choice for everyone. Baby shower gifts are creative and colorful as they are also easy to add a special touch and personalize. A baby shower gift basket will also work as a practical gift with a thoughtful presence as you can add whatever you feel might give the baby’s gift basket.

Additionally, a new baby gift basket as a great combo gift for the baby and their mother as it can easily be filled with both baby and mommy items. Depending on the contents of the basket, you should choose the right size. Consider purchasing the items before you decide on the size of the basket.

Here’s what to put in your newborn baby gift hamper.

Choose the Basket

As baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and materials – you will have the freedom to choose what you think will work best for your gift hamper. Baskets are made of natural fibers such as palm leaves, bamboo, cane or straw for a baby-like option. You can even opt for a reusable basket such as a cloth-lined basket to be used for baby’s diapers, hold outfits small items or even as a storage box for toys in the future.

Some people also choose a plastic bowl or bucket that the baby can use later on as the bucket will allow them to be used for water games, or easy storage for outside toys, etc. Another great option is the baby bathtub to be used as the basket. You can fill it when everything the baby needs for bath time as well as includes all the necessary bath fun items.

If you are on a flexible budget, the iconic Radio Flyer Little Red Wagon makes a great option to hold your basket ingredients together. When the baby is big enough, they will enjoy playing with it to pull toys, etc.

Choose a Theme

Why not build a theme for the baby’s gift hamper? You can create a baby gift basket for the mom and baby. Other great themes include organic gift baskets, bathtub baskets, book gift baskets, food gift baskets, and more. Feel free to create a character themed basket that all the unique combination.

Decide What to Fill the Basket With

Add useful items that the parents will appreciate. Include baby care items such as lotions, baby oil, baby wipes, shampoo, powder, bath, sunscreen lotion, diaper rash ointment, etc. You can also include items that are often overused or rather overlooked such as a thermometer, bibs, pacifiers, a hooded towel, bathing sponge, wash clothes etc.

Other baby items can include teething toys, animal squirting toys, spoons, board books, toys, and more. Simply consider what the baby would need now and in the future.

Personalize your baby gift hamper with creative additions such as wooden letters, stickers, a cloth name chain, or even a personalized onesie.


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