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What to Put In Your Man’s Gift Basket

Looking for a great gift hamper for your husband, dad, boyfriend, brother, or just a male friend? While some may say that “gift baskets are for girls,” they are actually well enjoyed by everyone. This is because you can customize them to your preference and their interest. You can include anything from their favorite colors, teams, sports, and special treats.

Here’s what to put in your man’s gift basket.

First, choose the theme

No matter what your special man enjoys, one thing’s for sure is that there are a ton of ideas to use for your personalized gift basket. Does your man like sports, BBQ, camping, fishing, or grilling? Using these interests, you can build an entire gift basket based on that.

Choose the Items before the Basket

Before you go ahead and purchase the basket, be sure to purchase the items first. Otherwise, you might find yourself with a gift basket that is either too big or too small to use.

Best Gift Basket Theme Ideas For Men

Handyman’s Tool Box

Every man likes to feel appreciated. However, not every guy enjoys the literal gift basket. You are looking for a gift idea that doesn’t have glitter and ribbons; one manly gift is a toolbox. What makes it a unique idea that you can give them a new toolbox to use after they’ve been through the gift. You can include beef jerky, salami, cheese spread, peanuts, coffee, crackers, corn nuts, caramel corn, and more.

Men’s Camping Gift Basket

What man does not enjoy a trip out into the wilderness? You can build a gift basket full of useful items that he would use for his next trip. You can turn the basket into a cooler that he can use. Fill the cooler with snacks, drinks, a compass, extra batteries, and even a survival kit.

Fishing Bucket Gift Basket

What could be better than enjoying a day out on the lake with great snacks and an ice-cold beer? A fishing gift basket is a great gift for those who enjoy the early mornings on the lake. This gift basket is easy as you can use a bucket as the basket and fill it with useful tools for the trip. You can add some nuts, a new cleaning knife, beer, and their favorite treats to keep them satisfied throughout the trip.

Food in a Jar basket

Is your favorite guy a snack person? Make their next gift basket the ultimate snack attack with a jar of tempting treats. Include all of their favorite snacks that can range from chocolate bars, nacho dip, beef jerky, cookies, popcorn, sodas, and more.

What’s your favorite men’s gift basket idea? Which one do you plan to use? Are any of them on this list? Comment below and let us know!

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