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What To Put In The Best Gift Hampers For Game Day

Do you need to bring snacks, drinks or any sports items to the party? Don’t want to show up with just a pack of beer? There is nothing more fun than to plan a quick get together with families and friends and root for your favorite sports team.

Not to mention, throwing a party on game day creates the perfect opportunity to enjoy an afternoon filled with hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, nachos, and other great game food items.

So, what do you bring to a party as a guest? A game day party gift hamper!

Here’s what to put in the best gift hampers for a super bowl party.

Find a Container

Choosing a container is a major party of the gift basket. It is important to find a container that will suit the theme and festivities of the gift. Consider staying with a metal tub or bucket for an authentic look. A cooler will work great especially if you plan to bring beer or alcoholic beverages.

Fill the Container

Line the bottom with soda or canned beer to use as mixers for the party. You can add wine bottles, straws, paper good items, solo cups in team colors, logos, team blankets, noisemakers, and everything else that will complete the game-day look.

Place the Food Options

If you are bringing a food item, you can also place the appetizer in a glass container for a great addition to the basket. Just be sure to lay it on top of the sodas with a lid.

Add the Bottles

Always add the bottles on top of the food items. You might discover how the container will prevent you from placing the beer in a uniform pattern. Placing them on top will help you arrange the basket nicely. If there are more than six beers that don’t fix, it’s okay to set it aside.

Bring Some Fun

Add some interesting items such as napkins or material to make these flats. You can also add some game-day treats like beef jerky, chips, or chocolate to place among the beer bottles. This will be a great treat for guests to enjoy the game.

Pile on the Décor

Add some pizzazz to your content by choosing a clear wrapper with ribbon that’s the color of your favorite team. You can tie the container to hold everything together and curl the ribbons from a few bottles.

Complete the Basket

Finish the gift basket by attacking a bow tie to the handle of the basket. While might seem unnecessary for some, it will set the right tone for the basket and complete the atmosphere.

What do you plan to have to your game day gift hamper? Comment below and let us know!

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