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Business Gift Hamper Buying Etiquette to Follow

When the time comes for giving, many people are left unsure of what to give and what to include. If you want to show your appreciation to someone, there are plenty of gifts to be given – but which should you choose?

Here are some rules to consider for the business gift hamper buying etiquette to follow.


Believe it or not, alcohol might offend the receiver. Giving a gifted bottle of wine or liquor might have once been acceptable as a gift. However, the receiver may look at it as unprofessional. Be sure to stay away from alcohol gifts, unless you personally know the owner. Also, be sure to stay away from clothing items and cigars.

Prospective Customers

Gifts to any prospective customer may seem like a bribe. However, you can still opt for a letter with a small basket of treats to let your future client know that they’re on your mind without overstepping the boundaries of the workplace. Just be sure to use your best judgment.

When to Send

One way to be proactive about your business relationships is to deliver the gift early and in person. This will give you a better approach to making it more personal. It might even add more value to the gift itself and show your receiver that you care and take the time to show it.

Size of Gift Hamper

As value is the main key for the gift hamper, it is important to keep the price and budget in mind when spotting your gift this season. Understand that not all hampers are the same as some offer more than the offers.

Product Selection

Determine the products that you plan to give. If you decide to choose as gift Hamper Company that only specialized on wine this may be a good until you find out your recipient doesn’t exactly enjoy wine. Be sure to look at the receiver for more consideration on what they might enjoy. Also, make sure to study what will be included in the basket.

What type of gift hamper do you plan to give this Christmas? Comment below and let us know!

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